Infinity Tattoo

Sometimes those of us who work with very serious topics need to look around and just take a breath.

Yesterday, like most days, I walked into my local Starbucks. I have always liked this place because almost as soon as I open the front door they call out my name, and yell out, “Same,” as I nod my head yes, my drink of choice is marked, placed in line with the others ahead of me, or already made before I can pay for it. As I paid, I happened to look over towards one of the female baristas that seems to always be up, cheerful, and bubbly, which in my world is a great change of pace. Her hair, which is usually down covering her neck was pulled to one side exposing a large infinity tattoo on the back of her neck. I inquired as to the artwork. She smiled, twirled around and said, “first of all, I just like the symbol, it reminds me of how insignificant we are in this entire Universe.” I thought for a moment and then replied, “and just how much we should forget that we are not the center of that Universe!” She giggled, and agreed as she went back to fulfilling her other customer’s requests. I walked out feeling a whole lot better than when I walked in. Funny what a venti black iced tea in a trenta cup with extra ice and no sweetener can do when it is served by someone that has figured out how to approach the daily grind of life much better than you have.


Digital-Trust & others like Working to halt online abuse, WHOA, are good sites for information on cyber-stalking.

Jennifer Perry and her group at Digital-Trust work hard to bring information to those victimized by stalkers and others in the cyber-world.  In their website, under the section Our Work they express, “Digital-Trust brings together technologies and professionals working with victims and vulnerable people to understanding evolving risks and address digital abuse.”

WHOA (Working to halt online abuse), Jayne Hitchcok-President, is also another site where you can gather a great deal of information on cyber-stalking.

Cyber crimes in general are growing exponentially; however, cyber-stalking is continuing to cause untold misery for those that end up at the end of a stalker’s mouse.