Those in Law Enforcement can be subject to being stalked

When I lecture to an audience that is primarily made up of law enforcement and those associated with the criminal justice system, parole, probation, court victim advocates, etc., I usually always get at least one or two cops or parole or probation officers that raise their hands when I ask who in the audience has been stalked.

When you pick up a copy of my book, Antidote For A Stalker, you will see that really no one is safe from becoming a victim of stalking. Most probation officers are stalked by those they are tasked with supervising that are currently stalkers, or have been stalkers in the past and assigned to the probation or parole officer’s caseload.

Cops on the other hand can pick up a stalker like this, but oftentimes they become victims of stalking outside of the workplace environment. I have and continue to work with several law enforcement individuals that are stalked. I recently had a chief of police contact me because she was being stalked by someone she had met in her personal life. There are times when detectives who are working stalkers start being stalked by the individual they are going after not because the stalker obsesses about them but because they are trying to gather as much information about that particular detective due to the fact that the detective is exerting power and control over their live and they do not like that. I have had two stalkers attempt to do that with me. Most of the time they tend to keep their distance because they know we can cause them grief and probably because we carry guns. Those in law enforcement that have stalkers that both harass them as well as their families can and do exhibit many of the same stressors  of any stalking victim. By the way, they don’t always get the immediate assistance with their cases that one might think. Once stalked, they gain a greater sympathy for anyone else that is or has been in the same position that they are currently in.

Due to the fact that stalkers are always trying to gather as much information about who is in their life, be they a victim or someone say in law enforcement that is interfering with what they are trying to do; we tell them not to give out information about themselves. We also advise them to remove any pictures of family, animals awards, etc. that could give anyone be they a stalker or not that they bring into their offices for any type of contact.


Sandra Bullock needs a break from stalking

Sandra Bullock seems to be a magnet for both male and female stalkers. We believe that she is one of those celebrities that even though, gorgeous, comes across as down home, compassionate,  and more accessible than most. Although, these are great qualities, it can and apparently does cause those few delusional stalkers out there to seemingly continually attach.  Back in 2007 when Ms. Bullock was still married to Jessie James and residing in Orange County Cal, I was in contact with the Orange County Sheriff’s Department concerning the arrest of a female stalker who used to lie down in Ms. Bullock’s driveway in an attempt to force Ms. Bullock to get out of her vehicle and make contact with her. This same stalker tried to run down James and was taken into custody by Orange County Sheriff’s Deputies. The stalker’s case was adjudicated at the West Orange County Superior Court in the City of Westminster. The stalker plead guilty and was placed on probation. When we contacted the the Sheriff’s Department, we stressed that they needed to do a background on the stalker as well as conduct a search warrant of her residence. We advised them to look for the following: (1) any logs, ledgers or writings that discussed anything having to do with Ms. Bullock. This would include any searches of computers or other digital materials. We advised them to look for a “shrine” (usually a series of photos or collection of magazine articles posted somewhere in the residence where the stalker could view them on a regular basis). We advised the Sheriff’s that this information would give them a better idea of why this particular stalker was going after Ms. Bullock, as well as give them a better idea of the stalker’s violence quotient concerning Ms. Bullock and her then husband. Questions needed to be answered such as; did the stalker feel they had some kind of relationship together; remember many celebrity stalkers including Ms. Bullock’s latest male stalker believe they have an intimate relationship or are even married to their celebrity target. Did the female stalker believe she was meant to be Sandra Bullock’s protector from whatever, including the fact that she may have felt that Ms. Bullock’s husband at that time was not who she should be with. The more information an investigator can gather on a stalker whether they be stalking a celebrity or someone else; the better are the chances of case managing the stalking scenario. In other words, what are the chances this stalker will re-offend with the same victim. Are there other victims that this particular stalker has, is or will be going after, etc.   We also expressed the fact that Ms. Bullock and her husband or any other family members should be given information concerning the stalking phenomenon. We attempt to do this with any and all of our victims. The more knowledge any stalking victim can obtain the better for them to get through the trauma of the event, or in the case of Ms. Bullock, the events.

Stalkers will harass family to get to their target.

Part of our stalking protocol is to either have the victim of stalking advise their family of the issues they are having with a stalker, or have them come to us for a family meeting so we can explain some basics concerning the stalking issue in order to get them up to speed concerning the stalking phenomenon and what they can expect concerning a stalker’s behavior towards them.

Why do we do this? Because all too often a stalker will contact, harass and stalk their primary stalking target’s family in order to gather information concerning their target; especially when they no longer are somehow prevented from having access to said target. We have also seen that stalkers will harass; follow, damage property, or even injure or at worse case scenario kill family members in order to cause fear or emotional stress to his or her primary stalking target.

We again recently saw this in the Spring Texas scenario where Ronald Lee Haskel dresses up as a delivery driver, enters the home of his estranged wife’s extended family, holds his wife’s sister’s children hostage until the sister and her husband arrive home. When they will not give up the whereabouts of Ronald’s estranged wife…his target…he executes the two adults and all but one of the young children. Once again, this clown had a series of restraining orders filed against him…by the way as we have indicated, restraining orders are only as good as the law enforcement community in which the order was filed. He had a record of domestic abuse, and violent assault. On one occasion he reportedly duct taped his mother to a chair and threatened to kill her, other family members as well as any law enforcement official that he encountered. She then filed another restraining order on him. Again, our response is perhaps if the law enforcement entity where the mother resided had a threat management detective or team, good old Ronald may well have showed up on the radar and been taken down before he traveled from California to Texas and slaughtered the members of that family. There was one newspaper report that advised that Ronald also had a mental disorder and had stopped taking his Meds. Once again, another mentally disordered perpetrator. 

Neighborhood stalking is difficult to manage

What the heck do you mean exactly by Neighborhood Stalking? Well, this is when the stalker lives in your neighborhood; oftentimes right next door. We are continually contacted by the victims of these types of stalkers who are at their wits end. Examples: We have one female victim who contacted us about her neighbor whose front door in a condo complex is Approx. 4 feet from hers. She advised that her fifty something female has mental issues. She continually threatens her, strikes her as well as has pushed her down the stairs breaking one of her arms. The victim said she has contacted local law enforcement numerous times, and they have failed to eliminate the problem. Example No. 2. We were contacted while giving a lecture at a University about a protracted stalking incident where the neighbor appeared to be fixated on his female neighbor. He would cut down their mutual hedges so he could view both her and her house 24/7. He was damage the paint on her car, harass her aged father to the point it was believed it exaserbated his demise, followed her on a regular basis, found out how much money she had in her checking accounts, as well as confronted any male that she appeared to be having a relationship with; whether it was for business or pleasure. The victim installed video cameras that recorded a good deal of this behavior including an incident where he assaulted her and fractured her arm. (By the way, for some reason local law enforcement did not arrest the neighbor for this assault.) After repeated crime reports being filed as well as a restraining order being issued, a magistrate ordered the stalker to move out of his home, which he later rented to relatives, thus allowing him (according to him) to come back to the house on a regular basis to supposedly check on the maintenance of the property. So the problems continued.

It was our evaluation that in both of these incidents, one that took place on the West Coast, and one that took place on the East Coast, that law enforcement was remiss in doing their job. The way you stop a neighborhood stalking is once it is clear who is in fact the culprit in the stalking; you arrest the stalker for every little violation of law that you can prove up and charge. You make sure the stalker either goes to prison or at the very least is placed on formal probation, thus if they violate their probation, they then go to state prison. If you believe you have a mentally disordered offender just like the one we described in the first example, you bring along mental health professionals that upon evaluation may be able to place that individual in a secure facility. If those mental health workers cannot, you go back to the first plan, and arrest the stalker as many times as necessary to eliminate the problem. In most jurisdictions, a magistrate cannot just indiscriminately have a homeowner removed from their residence, but they can keep them incarcerated for the crimes they commit, which in essence can amount to much the same thing. They just have a jailhouse address instead of a residential one.In SHORT, law enforcement cannot turn a blind eye to these types of stalking.

DV or Domestic Violence/Intimate Partner stalkers oftentimes blame their victims.

First of all, guys sorry I have not blogged in a few weeks, been busy on family projects in other states.

It has been my experience that stalkers spawned out of domestic violence/intimate partner relationships will many times blame all of their problems on their victims. We had one stalker send a tape recording of his conversation between an older woman that was reputed to be his “friend & confident.” In the recording, the stalker began talking about how frustrated he was, and the fact that she (the victim) had reported to the police that due to the intense emotional trauma and stress she was suffering at the hands of this stalker, it was causing her to have severe female problems as well as issues with her “ovaries.” The stalker (a male) went on to say she was at fault for causing issues to his “ovaries.” Apparently, this stalker had never done well in biology while in high school, or he would have known that men do not have ovaries. When I lecture, I oftentimes play this tape, which causes a great deal of snickering among the female attendees.

When we interview a domestic violence stalker we always give them a chance to tell their side of the story. Invariably, the stalker will place most if not all the blame at the feet of the victim. If she would not have stopped me from contacting her, I would have not had to hound/follow, or attempt contact in various other ways. If she had only seen my side of things, I would never have stalked her. I believe she did what she did to set me up so I would get arrested for stalking, and it goes on and on.