About Stalking:
Stalking is a growing concern throughout the world, not just in North America.  More and more countries like the United Kingdom, Australia, and Japan are experiencing an upsurge of stalking throughout their communities.  College campuses have become a breeding ground for the stalker. Workplace violence oftentimes revolves around a stalking scenario that has either evolved within the confines of the workplace, or enters into the workplace from a stalking that was initiated away from that workplace.Awareness, stricter laws, and a more focused multi-disciplinary law enforcement approach are the keys to defeating this dangerous problem.

Mike Proctor

About Detective Mike Proctor, Retired:
A thirty-three year veteran of the Westminster Police Department,
Detective Proctor is a recognized expert and pioneer in the investigation and threat assessment of stalkers.  He has worked and consulted on numerous stalking cases both in the United States and abroad.

  • Graduated with a B.A. in Geography, a minor in Safety Education, teachable minors in Physical Education & one in Business, from California State University at Long Beach in 1970. Also has a Lifetime Standard Teaching as well as Community College credential.
  • Worked for thirty-three years for the Westminster Police Department, located in Orange County California.  During his tenure at Westminster P.D., he worked uniformed patrol, as an S.R.O. (school resource officer) and chief’s administrative aid. He worked Metro, and for the majority of his years on the department was a robbery/homicide and predator crimes detective.  While at the Police Department, he received numerous awards and commendations, including The Defender of Justice Award given to him by members of the California State Legislature for his continued work on stalking.
  • In 1991 he began investigating stalkers. He is considered one of the pioneers in the investigation of stalking, and stalking threat assessment. He was one of the commissioners assigned to P.O.S.T.  (Peace Officers Standards and Training) to develop the first known training video and workbook on the topic of stalking in 1996.)  He has developed a stalking protocol that is utilized by law enforcement entities both in the United States and Abroad.
  • He is a consultant for OVC (Office for Victims of Crime) out of Washington DC., and in Jan. of 2013 was “Spotlighted” by OVC for his work on stalking and threat assessment.  He is a member of NCVC (National Center for The Victims of Crime), who he also consults for. He was recently empaneled on the board of The National Stalking Training Academy in the United Kingdom.
  • He is regularly quoted in the print media a 2012 issue of the Economist being the latest, as well as consults for television and radio both in the United States and abroad. This would include Atlas Media, BBC America, E-Hollywood, etc.  He has appeared on America’s Most Wanted, Case Closed, CNN, Fox, Japanese and Korean television to name a few.
  • Proctor has written several articles for professional law enforcement journals along with two books designed to assist the victims of stalking, victim advocates, educators, and law enforcement. How to Stop a Stalker, Prometheus Books in 2003, and his latest Antidote For a Stalker, released in December of 2012, re-released in May of 2013 currently on Amazon.
  • He lectures both in the United States and elsewhere outside of the U.S.  He assists states in amending their laws and countries in obtaining same. His most recent work was in Scotland and Norway.  He can be reached via his website, www.detectivemikeproctor.com.

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