See new U-tube post: Stalking Detective’s advice to victims

We have finally started to post stalking information and advice on U-tube. Our first posting: Stalking Detective’s advice to victims, is about 18 minutes long, but gives the viewer and general overall view of stalking, and where they can gather further information. In the next few months we will doing other shorter video clips on stalking topics such as campus and juvenile stalking as well as others. We recommend you view this one and look for future clips. Hopefully they along with our latest book Antidote For A Stalker will greatly assist you, and perhaps those you work with.


China Drafts First Domestic Violence Law

Finally, China may be taking a step in the right direction. Around November 25, 2014, China posted it’s first Anti-Domestic Violence Law of the People’s Republic of China. Apparently the proposed law has Six Chapters associated with it. Chapter One: General Provisions, Chapter II: Prevention of domestic violence, Chapter III: Disposition of domestic violence, Chapter IV: Personal Safety Protection Rulings, Chapter V: Legal Responsibility, and Chapter VI: Supplementary Provisions. As best as I can tell, at least at this juncture, stalking does not seem to enter into the confines of this law. Some of the outside evaporators of this proposal say it does not go far enough; however, in our opinion, any progress is progress.

According to Dec. 6-12, 2014 article in the Economist Magazine entitled, Domestic Violence, Home Truths,” “According to a report by the All-China Women’s Federation, “nearly 40% of women who are married or have a boyfriend have experienced physical or sexual violence. This study also found that “about 53% of boys and 34% of girls are physically abused by their parents.” They also found that only about “7% of those suffering abuse inform the police.” Physical abuse is not apparently a grounds for divorce in China.

We hope that this law is passed, and then more addendums are added to assist those that are victims.