Again, a horrific act of terrorism occurs & gun control is partially blamed.

An overwhelming act of barbaric terrorism transpires in a Gay oriented establishment in Orlando Florida, and The President not only can’t call it an act of Islamic terrorism, but instead goes on to push his agenda on gun control. Relating that it is too easy for people (I am assuming he is referring to the average Joe on the street) to get guns; which is by the way our right under the second amendment as long as we follow the rules, like not committing a felony, not being the recipient of a restraining or protective order, being a US citizen, and not having any documented mental health issues. The fact that it has been reported that this particular shooter had radical Islamist leanings, and  was a security guard who had been back grounded and  was trained in the proper use of a firearm didn’t seem to come up during his speech.

I would hope that those in the know that surround the President would have briefed him on the true facts. That would be that a handgun, assault rifle, etc, is merely the tool that any perpetrator is utilizing to commit an act of violence. As indicated, if a potential shooter doesn’t have a criminal history, has not been diagnosed with a mental disorder and is not currently the person listed on a restraining order, he or she is legally able to purchase a firearm. As we continue to preach; it is threat assessment and human intelligence that will assist law enforcement entities in forestalling as many violent endings as possible. However, if threat assessment is either not practiced or neglects to generate a plan of action our country on the whole will continue to suffer from these excessively devastating outbursts.

This is what I believe, the more honest, caring and level-headed Americans who are trained in the proper use of a handgun should be allowed to carry that same firearm for the protection of themselves  and their family, the better off we would be. Especially in light of what is transpiring in our society today. Keep in mind that those that generate oftentimes deadly violence against others in the name of terrorism or whatever else; don’t want those they are harming to be able to defend themselves.



Was Christina Grimmie’s Killer a Stalker?

People in the media are saying that an incredible talent has been taken away from us. I would agree, but only in part. The truth of the matter is that a young, vibrant women who had parents, relatives and friends whose souls will be scared in perpetuity has been torn from the fabric of our world by yet another deranged individual; who when all the dust has settled will probably be found to be just another stalker with a mental health issue and an overwhelming desire to control, and/or posses another gleaming diamond in the black of night.

I would hope that this twenty-seven year old male did not show up on anyone’s radar prior to this terrible act transpiring because if he did, once again those tasked with protecting a potential target, in this case Christina failed. Again, we need to go back to what we have been discussing in previous blog entries and what I constantly preach when I teach, the only way we have any chance of preventing or at the very least minimizing these types of events is via threat assessment resulting in a protective action.

Folks, unfortunately because of the world we currently reside, things like armed security, metal and explosive detection are going to have to be an automatic wherever a crowd gathers; especially in a venue such as this.