Antidote for a Stalker, 2013

Antidote for a stalker

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If you are a victim of a stalker, or suspect that you or others that you know might be, then Antidote For A Stalker, written by a veteran homicide/predator crimes detective who has been involved with investigating stalkers and training victim advocates, educators and law enforcement since June of 1991, should give you the means, not only to assist in your protection, as well as become an active participant in the prosecution of your stalker..

Through the pages of Antidote For A Stalker, Proctor has developed a stalking guide allowing the reader to easily grasp the elements found in the phenomenon of stalking in its entirety. He does this by discussing the following topics:

  • Chapter 1 Stalking History and Stalking Definitions which include: The Model Stalking Code, Federal Anti-stalking laws, and stalking statistics.
  • Chapter 2 Examples of Stalking Laws Throughout portions of the world. These would include, the United States, Canada, The United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, The Netherlands, Australia, & Japan.Types of Stalkers, which would include: Our general overview of stalkers, Our primary stalking typologies which would include the Domestic Violence Stalker, The Acquaintance Stalker, The Stranger Stalker. Along with our evaluations of other stalking typology subsets such as: The Triangle Stalker, The Predator Stalker, The Third Party Stalker, The Retribution Stalker, The Neighborhood Stalker, The Juvenile Stalker, & The Campus Stalker. Female stalkers, and the definition of the Genesis Victim. This chapter also includes, Some Mental Disorders exhibited by stalkers. Including a special section on safety strategies for therapists who become victims of their stalker clients.
  • Chapter 3 A Stalker’s Bag of Tricks which would include: First Contact, Vandalism, Surveillance, Targeting Animals, Burglary/Trophy Collection, Disruption of Services, Citizen Harassment, Identity Theft, Cyberstalking, Cyberstalking Laws, Methods Employed by Cyberstalkers, Cyberbullying, Workplace Violence Stalking.
  • Chapter 4 I am Being Stalked, What Do I Do?, includes: Get Law Enforcement On Board, Document, Document, Document, Talk To Your Kids, Get Your Family And Friends Up To Speed, Notify Your Workplace, Stop All Voluntary Contact With Your Stalker, Investigate Utilizing Your Local Neighborhood Watch Program, Look Into Obtaining, A restraining Order, Suing Your Stalker, Develop a Security Plan, & Safety Measures for Your Home.
  • Chapter 5 Our Approach to Investigating Stalkers,Includes: What Can Happen When There Is Not A Stalking Protocol In Place, Forensic Threat Assessment, Background on The Stalking Protocol, Line Training, Cultural Considerations, The Basic Protocol, Examples of Threat Assessments, Examples Of A Stalking Chronology.
  • Numerous appendix entries designed to assist the reader in gathering additional information on stalking.

Det. Proctor uses a series of examples taken from actual cases he has worked and consulted on to better illustrate the points he is making.  With his wealth of experience, Detective Proctor offers keen insights into the twisted mindset of the stalker.

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