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Dear followers, I will continue to POST at the moment not as frequently as I would like. Yes, we still want you to pick up a copy of Antidote For A Stalker located on Amazon to help keep you going and to formulate your questions about stalking;. The reason about the temporary slow down is  that both my partner and I, who finally retired after some 40 years on the job are currently embroiled in conducting research on a cold case that may involve a serial killer. For those of you that have not read The Duck and The DCO by Damion Kane, which is a book written about my partner of many years and my exploits and background as unusual homicide detectives besides being heavily involved with stalking, you would not know that because of our homicide/threat assessment background, we still work cold case homicides on a volunteer basis for the police department we came from which occasionally leads to cases that we gather information on for other police agencies as well. Since our retirement we have brought to fruition two cases and are currently working on others.  As indicated in my first blog, I am called the Duck by my friends and associates. I got that nickname because I was always running into trouble…a shooting, a murder, a robbery, etc, which in cop terminology, always meant getting into crap. We all know what crap does when it encounters a duck; it runs down its  back. Therefore, the nickname or moniker stuck. Due to the fact that I was always in some kind of crap, my partner got the nickname of the DCO, Damage Control Officer because he had to always explain what the heck I was doing. It really hasn’t changed much. I still seem to step into crap, and he still is explaining why I did.  I will continue to blog about stalking, but hopefully along the way I can keep you in the loop about some of the murder crap we are about to be stepping into. Have a great day.


Stalkers with Asperger’s Syndrome

For those of you that do not know what Asperger’s Syndrome is, it is oftentimes referred to as a one who has autism; however they can function at a fairly high level in society.  Asperger’s Syndrome which can be referred to as Asperger’s Disorder is known as a type of Pervasive Development Disorder (PDD). Some of the skill sets that oftentimes appear diminished are the ability to socialize with others, delayed or retarded communication skills, and some lack the ability to use their imagination.  Some of the signs of this condition exhibited initially in a subject’s youth are: Issues with social skills, Unusual or strange repetitive behaviors…swinging of hands, continually rubbing their fingers, etc., Daily Rituals that are difficult to break, such as standing in the same location to dress, or when dressing always doing it in the same order, Obsessions with a specific topic such as an intense interest in the weather, or sports, May seem clumsy or awkward, Many have skill sets that one would consider being very talented, such as good in music, or have very good computational skills.  

Now that we have some background in this condition can they become stalkers. In our opinion, the answer is yes. Why? The best way to explain this hypothesis is to give you some examples of actual cases that we have and are continuing to work with stalkers that have been diagnosed with this malady.  Recently, we were asked to review cases from a local law enforcement entity that the assigned detectives were having troubles with. A male in his early 20’s had been contacted on three separate occasions by detectives concerning the following and harassing of three separate females. Each one of the victims were attractive, worked out…in fact the stalker would try and initiate contact or begin a following pattern after he saw the victim(s) exit a local gym. We noticed a distinct progression in this individual’s stalking process. When the first victim was stalked, she saw the suspect hiding in the bushes taking photos of her. She then noticed him following her in a specific vehicle, and would see him in stores or restaurants that she frequented. During this first stalking, the suspect made no direct contact. When he was contacted at his home by detectives, his mother and sister whom he was living with, immediately went to his defense advising that he was shy, had very bad social skills and had Asperger’s Syndrome. The stalker said he would not follow that female anymore. However, a month or so later, he was again reportedly following another female, taking photos of her, but did attempt to make contact with her out in front of the gym. When she advised she was very uncomfortable with this contact, it did not phase him, and he continued to pursue her even to the point of showing up at her residence. He was again contacted by police and admonished. His mother told him that she would not allow him to drive her car anymore; even though he was currently enrolled in a local college.  Another month went by and once again he began following another female. He even followed this one twenty miles a day to her University. He would wait until she got out of class and begin following her once again. She was terrified because when he followed her his driving was extremely erratic, at times almost forcing people off the road, and tailgating her so badly she felt the would rear-end her at anytime. We advised the detectives in charge that we could see a serious escalation on his part. We knew that because of his social inadequacies he was becoming more and more frustrated with a lack of positive response from his targets. It appeared that he had reached an age where he was also experiencing a great deal of sexual arousal, and didn’t quite know what to do about it. (We suggested that the detectives once again contact this individual and ask him some specific questions. We would also suggest that they get a search warrant to see what if anything he was writing in his computer or a daily log. What websites he had been going on, etc.) When Detectives contacted him, he advised he was becoming more and more frustrated both socially and sexually. He was merely trying to have a relationship with his targets. He also advised that he knew that way he was going about it was wrong. With this information, I advised the Detectives to put all the cases together and submit same to the district attorney for a filing of stalking. Once arrested try and get him placed on formal probation; with the a condition of probation that he be evaluated by a mental health professional. We advised them that we strongly believed that he would not stop doing what he was doing, and more than likely would become more and more aggressive in his approach to these targets. It has been our experience, that just because a subject may have a diagnosisable mental disorder does not give them free reign to stalk. 

That is just one case. I recently had another case with an individual who contacted one of our associates advising that he was suffering from Asperger’s  Syndrome. He was seeking a relationship with a woman at his place of work, and had been notified by Human Resources  that what he was doing was considered stalking. He wanted to have our associate verify that his mannerisms would in fact be considered stalking. The associate wanted us to review the case. We did, and in our opinion he was exhibiting stalking behavior. This individual was beside himself. He also expressed that he had reached an age where he was also experiencing a great many sexual urges as well as a need to have female companionship, but was very frustrated because he lacked the social skills to be able to develop a relationship. At least this subject appeared more cautious about the behavior he was exhibiting. 

Numbers of stalkers

I recently taught a college seminar attended by about two hundred students. I always enjoy working with college kids for a variety of reasons. One of the things I always ask attendees how frequent do you think stalking is just in the United States alone. Some responded with three thousand a year, some said thirty thousand. When I pulled up the Power Point slide that showed them that the latest studies have reported at least three and half to five million separate reported stalking incidents a year, they were astounded. If you start to take in the U.K. which has about 1.8 million or so a year and who knows exactly how many in the European Union because many of the member countries in the E.U.  are becoming more and more engaged in the issue of stalking; thanks to a growing number of victim advocates, one in particular by the name of Ann Moulds. The actual numbers worldwide could easily add up to multiple millions each year. Make no mistake, wherever you have people you have the propensity for stalking. Untold women and a certain percentage of men are stalked in countries whose laws do not assist those that are being stalked. Especially countries where human rights are at best a joke. Unfortunately, I continually get requests on my website from those residing in these countries requesting my help. It is extremely difficult to suggest a course of action when the law enforcement entity in that particular country or region is not perceptive. In contrast, I also instruct and consult with a number of groups who deal with Domestic Violence/Intimate Partner issues, which include stalking. They are not surprised by the numbers, and like me feel these figures are actually fairly low.

Comment concerning close protection units that may encounter a stalker

I am beginning to assist some organizations located in a variety of countries that conduct close protection for celebrities and politicians as well. It has been my experience that many people do not understand that not all countries are like the United States when it comes to close protection many of their politicians. The Secret Service is obviously tasked with protection of a variety of the politicians not just the President. However, in other countries private operators are hired to do this type of protection. No matter the protection detail they need to be trained in a variety of techniques not just how to shoot, how to secure the client (whether the client is a celebrity, politician, or business executive)etc. More and more companies are requesting training from individuals such as myself concerning what to look for and how to best case manage a stalking scenario. The reason for this is that it better allows them to develop a group of predictors to assist their client when the stalker singles them out as their target. We applaud these details because it shows that they are becoming more evolved concerning these issues. That way the client gets more bang for their buck.

Getting Started

When I lecture, one of the questions that I am most commonly asked is, “how do you know when you are being stalked?” My response is quiet simple, “when you find that the individual’s behavior that that is contacting or pursuing  you becomes both unwanted and persistent.”

As to penal code definitions, we like to use the California Penal Code section 646.9 cpc. “Any person who willfully, maliciously, and repeatedly follows or willfully and maliciously harasses another person and who makes a credible threat with the intent to place that person in reasonable fear for his or her safety, or the safety of his or her immediate family is guilty of the crime of stalking.” If you are curious as to what the stalking section is in your state go to The Stalking Resource Center’s  (National Center For the Victims of Crime) website. Click on Stalking Laws and look for your particular state’s penal code section. If you are from the U.K., E.U. or another country one of the best places to look up information on your stalking legislation/criminal or penal code, go to Stalking Risk Profile,, click on What is Stalking, then Stalking legislation, then the section outlined in red entitled, International Anti-stalking laws.

A couple of things to keep in mind in regard to stalking. Stalking is a course of conduct crime. That means it is a compilation or evaluation of acts directed at a specific person that would cause emotional or physical distress or trauma to that individual. What we like to say if reviewed, would it cause the average man to believe that these acts would be detrimental or disturbing and cause fear or stress to another. So you do not have to have a direct threat like I am going to kill you. It can be what is called an implied threat developed over a period or course of conduct. Keep in mind that not all stalkers threaten their victims with death or violence. However, their behavior such as leaving a multitude of gifts, showing up at work or friends homes, following, and making repeated unwanted contacts either via phone or digital communication or some other way is considered a course of conduct that would follow under a stalking criminal code section.  For example, Michigan’s course of conduct is defined as, ” a pattern of conduct composed of a series of two (2) or more noncontinuous acts evidencing a continuity of purpose.” (Again for a more in depth look all this and much more is called out in my new book Antidote For A Stalker. That is why it is good to have a copy so you can follow or asked questions stimulated by information both in the blog and the book as well.)

Introduction to Blog

Well, I finally got started on this blogging stuff. First, I should set up some ground rules: (1) To get the full benefit of this blog and to better assist the reader in understanding the stalking phenomenon, I strongly suggest you obtain a copy of my latest book Antidote For A Stalker currently available on Amazon. This 500 page book, which is also being utilized as a college text for certain college and university criminal justice classes, is specifically designed to assist the victims of stalking, victim advocates, educators, therapists & other healthcare workers-who are being stalked by their clients on an increasing basis, and law enforcement. It is written in easy to understand pros, and contains a variety of examples that emphasis what the text is presenting. (2) If you would like to get a little more background on what I am all about, then I would suggest picking up a copy of the book The Duck and The DCO, written by Damion Kane, also on Amazon. I am The Duck, (I was always getting into crap, and you know what they say about crap and a duck, it tends to roll down a duck’s back) and my partner, The DCO (Damage Control Officer) He was always smoothing out the feathers of those I ruffled. This 650 page book was written they tell us because we were very unusual homicide detectives, and handled crime and those that committed same in a very strange ways. (3) I will probably not post on this blog every day. I get busy with life and my adult kids and their kids. I also consult for a variety of venues be they law enforcement, or media. In other words, life can tend to get in the way. If a specific topic arises either in my life, the live of a victim, or some news flash, then I will blog. I will also be giving out information that can be enhanced via utilizing Antidote For A Stalker as a resource. (4) THE MOST IMPORTANT RULE; I HAVE DECIDED TO BLOG TO ASSIST AS MANY VICTIMS OF STALKING AS WELL AS THOSE INTERESTED IN THE STALKING PHENOMENON AS I CAN. THE CRIME OF STALKING HAS BEEN GROWING WORLD WIDE AT A INCREASING PACE; THEREFORE THE MORE INFORMATION ON THE TOPIC WE CAN GET OUT THERE, THE BETTER OFF PEOPLE ARE. IN REGARD TO ANYONE FROM THE U.K., E.U., OR ELSEWHERE REVIEWING THIS BLOG, IN ANTIDOTE WE COVER MANY OF YOUR LAWS. ALSO KEEP IN MIND THAT STALKING IS STALKING NO MATTER WHERE YOU ARE ON THE FACE OF THE PLANET SO WHAT I WILL BE BLOGGING ABOUT CONCERNING STALKING BEHAVIOR CAN APPLY TO ANY STALKER IN ANY COUNTRY. So if you have a question or concern about a situation that you might be in and want it to remain more confidential, you can always go to my website,, and I will respond from there. I may conceal your identity and discuss your case on the blog as to assist others that may be in your same circumstance. (5) I also retain the right to remove any comment to my blog that I don’t feel betters or fits with what I am trying to promote.

(How I got started) I have been involved with working stalkers and training both victims as well as those tasked with investigating these individuals since June of 1991. My partner and I were working homicides for the Westminster Police Department when an intelligent mid-thirties married business woman was summoned to our P.D. by us to be questioned concerning a possible murder for hire in which she had been listed as the suspect. Earlier in the week we had received a call from an insurance broker advising us that he had been called by an anonymous male who said that he had been hired by this woman to kill her husband for the half million dollar insurance policy she had taken out on him.  When the woman arrived at our office, she had a huge file that outlined all the terrible things this stalker had been doing to her and now her husband for the past nine years.[This including grabbing the victim when she was 18 years old in the parking lot of a restaurant she worked in, placing her face in the open window of her vehicle so one side of same was exposed and the other behind the window post. He then beat her so badly that the exposed side of her face looked like hamburger.]  (It became obvious to us that the stalker was the individual who had called the broker posing as a hit man.) Even though the California stalking law had come into fruition in 1990, and put into effect in 1991, neither my partner nor I had ever worked a stalking case. In fact, ours was to be the second case ever prosecuted in California and basically the world. Even though this case was to be our first, due to its complexities, we quickly learned that stalkers investigations needed to be worked in a specific fashion, thus a protocol was developed. This protocol has been enhanced over the years and is currently be used all or in part by a variety of law enforcement entities both in the U.S. and abroad.

Just a little background on this particular stalker. At the time he was in his 30’s. He was a male white, very street savvy, 6-04, 250 lbs., and capable of extreme violence. Due to the fact, that we quickly figured out that the best way to investigate a stalker was to research them as far back as we could in order to develop a sound profile.(We learned early on that you have to stalk the stalker.) Therefore we learned the following: This stalker grew up in a rural area of Tuscaloosa Alabama. His father had died when he was very young. His mother became almost completely blind about that same time period. She was not much help to the stalker throughout the remainder of his childhood. We also found that this stalker was molested repeatedly  by a neighbor. The stalker also suffered some type of brain injury from falling off a horse in his teens. [Both of these incidents are significant. Too often we find stalkers who have been molested and are involved in intimate partner relationships where young children are involved may well molest those children either as a way of getting back at their stalking target (Victim), or because they are prone to get involved in this type of behavior. In regard to the head trauma, we have found when we go back and review stalkers with either this type of trauma or perhaps suffering through some type of severe medical episode may cause them to transition to stalking or some other type of deviant behavior.] The stalker’s first victim was a sixteen year old girl that he kidnapped at gunpoint, took to a hunting cabin and raped. For whatever reason, he only got minimal time on that case. Later he ran that same victim’s new boyfriend off the road, then drove to the victim’s home, entered and attempted to stab her with a large hunting knife.

We found that our stalker assaulted relatives, associates, put a crowbar through a subject’s body, but did not kill him. Was very transient and from time to time lived on the streets. He would also stalk both men and women. This subject would frequent churches where he would befriend, usually an older women, go to her home and begin a parasitical relationship where he would eat her food, force her to drive him around where ever he wished to go, use her phone and take her money. He would either threaten or beat her to make her do his bidding. We also found that he was a fire-starter, a member of the KKK, would read verse after verse of the Bible with a blanket over his head, even in the heat of day, and had a photographic memory. We arrested this subject three times, as well as profiled him on America’s Most Wanted. All of our background was placed into a red binder containing over 750 pages of information. This helped when around 2000 he and a buddy strapped a male in his sixties that worked for a major Alabama city in a supervisory position to a chair and beat him to death. They then took money and his car and fled. His first victim in Alabama called our California victim, they had wanted to communicate with each other initially to compare notes on what had happened during their stalking scenario’s. The California victim  in turn called me to advise of the homicide. I called that agency and told them that they should contact a city in the Inland Empire of California to have them look for the stalker who would either be standing in front of a certain cafe at such and such a location, or be in that cities library. The detective I spoke to did not believe we could be that sure about his location. When I finally convinced him that our profile was that accurate, he called the city. Within two days they found both the stalker and his co-defendant standing on the street corner in front of the cafe we had told them about. I later had to fly to that city to testify at the sentencing hearing of said stalker, who got two life sentences.