Appearance on The Tegan Alexandra Osmond Channel/All About Stalking & Criminal Harassments, by Det. Mike Proctor

Tegan, a stalking victim, reached out to me to ascertained that even though she currently did not have a huge channel would I be interested in being interviewed on the topic of stalking and threat assessment. Hopefully, Tegan quickly learned that I could care less about how the information got out to folks about the topic of stalking, I could care less how it gets out as long as it is conducted in a positive and informative format. Oftentimes, I will explain to folks who contact me to appear on the topic, that even though I have appeared on several media and network shows, I am not a celebrity, I am merely a retired homicide detective that has been investigating and teaching and consulting on stalking cases for the past twenty years, and was one of the first person to start doing so back in the early 1990’s not 1890’s like some people have kidded me about.

The show was released on YouTube on 06-28-2021. (, or you can just type in All About Stalking and Criminal Harassments, which usually brings it up. Tegan first lays out some of my background concerning the issue of stalking, which might bore you, but both she and I are hoping the rest of the information will assist you.

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