Was Christina Grimmie’s Killer a Stalker?

People in the media are saying that an incredible talent has been taken away from us. I would agree, but only in part. The truth of the matter is that a young, vibrant women who had parents, relatives and friends whose souls will be scared in perpetuity has been torn from the fabric of our world by yet another deranged individual; who when all the dust has settled will probably be found to be just another stalker with a mental health issue and an overwhelming desire to control, and/or posses another gleaming diamond in the black of night.

I would hope that this twenty-seven year old male did not show up on anyone’s radar prior to this terrible act transpiring because if he did, once again those tasked with protecting a potential target, in this case Christina failed. Again, we need to go back to what we have been discussing in previous blog entries and what I constantly preach when I teach, the only way we have any chance of preventing or at the very least minimizing these types of events is via threat assessment resulting in a protective action.

Folks, unfortunately because of the world we currently reside, things like armed security, metal and explosive detection are going to have to be an automatic wherever a crowd gathers; especially in a venue such as this.


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