Singapore has a new stalking law

In recent weeks, I have been in contact with members of the Singaporean judiciary concerning a cyber stalking case that I was asked by the victim, a United States female celebrity to a enter into in the conversation in the role of a victim advocate. Alexis Bowater of Surviving Stalking (a strong UK victim advocate and also a founding member of The National Stalking Training Academy in the UK (as am I); had been initially involved with this particular victim when she was touring in the United Kingdom, and according to this celebrity had helped her a great deal. During the back and forth, I was notified by the Deputy Public Prosecutor handling this case and advised, that due to the fact that Singapore had just passed a new law on stalking under that countries’ Protection From Harassment Act, entitled “unlawful stalking,” that our victim should have her attorney’s review that law for obtaining the action they were striving to get. I would strongly suggest that anyone in the country of Singapore that is being stalked go to the Protection From Harassment Act of 2014, and get up to speed on what the law entails. I am extremely glad to see another country get on board with the proper anti-stalking legislation.


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