CYBERPOL could be a first step in going after international cyber-stalkers.

A world Security Report just advised that CYBERPOL (The International Cyber Security Organization also known as (ICSO) is in the pilot or developmental stages of accessing the use and needs of an International Cyber-Crime Database. (ICCD). (Just for those of my readers that don’t know what CYBERPOL does, it is the International organization that specializes in identifying and research of internet web-crimes, as well as cyber threats and global trends in the cyber world. It was established in 2013.

Because CYBERPOL is now working in this direction, we would hope that member countries would push for prosecuting more cyber crimes such as cyber-stalking in the not too distant future. Once again, as it stands now, if you are being cyber-stalked from an individual in say Ireland and you live in the United States, nothing of a criminal nature can be done. We realize that it takes time for law enforcement to catch up with technology, but the quicker the better, and we see this particular effort as a great step in the right direction. We urge the international community to get with organizations like these and Interpol and hook-up as fast as they can.


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