US celebrity gets first cyber-stalking conviction in another country, this should be commonplace.

American singer and actress, who is well- known for her performances both in the United States and abroad, (as is our policy, we do not give out persons who we have interacted with names or other personal information) was the prolonged (six year) victim of a cyber-stalker, who stalked her from his home country of Singapore.  Even though the celebrity was not a citizen of that country, nor did she have any family ties there; through perseverance and hard work she was able to get Singaporean officials to take an interest in her case. Once Singapore law enforcement took a strong look at all the factors concerning duress the stalker had placed on the celebrity, they arrested him. Upon conviction, the court sentenced her stalker to three years in prison.

To the best of our knowledge, this is the first international cyber-stalking conviction and sentencing. The celebrity is now attempting to get the Singapore court to make an exception and grant her a restraining order against her stalker. If this takes place, it will be another first.

When we consult on cases concerning both stalking and cyber-stalking against a citizen conducted by a perpetrator outside the US, we have not been able to recommend a remedy. We hope that through this particular celebrities’ dogged efforts the rest of the world will take notice and follow in her footsteps.


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