Japan is taking a second look at Stalking

In 2000, Japan instituted a new stalking law pertaining to intimate partner type relationships. When we reviewed the law and how it was prosecuted, it was our opinion it needed a great deal more teeth. One of the problems that we have found with any country or state that initiates new stalking legislation is that a great deal of training needs to take place both at the state and federal levels. In fact, in regard to stalking, training should be implemented in the schools and even be made available to the private sector business community as well. That is one of the reasons that we have included information in our latest book, Antidote For A Stalker (Amazon) that addresses information that would pertain to all of those areas. 

We are told that due to the increase in concern expressed by victim groups in Japan, the government may now be looking at ways to perhaps re-think its approach to stalking. Of course we are always a fan of these types of enlightenment’s transpiring not only in Japan, but throughout the world. 


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