Those in Law Enforcement can be subject to being stalked

When I lecture to an audience that is primarily made up of law enforcement and those associated with the criminal justice system, parole, probation, court victim advocates, etc., I usually always get at least one or two cops or parole or probation officers that raise their hands when I ask who in the audience has been stalked.

When you pick up a copy of my book, Antidote For A Stalker, you will see that really no one is safe from becoming a victim of stalking. Most probation officers are stalked by those they are tasked with supervising that are currently stalkers, or have been stalkers in the past and assigned to the probation or parole officer’s caseload.

Cops on the other hand can pick up a stalker like this, but oftentimes they become victims of stalking outside of the workplace environment. I have and continue to work with several law enforcement individuals that are stalked. I recently had a chief of police contact me because she was being stalked by someone she had met in her personal life. There are times when detectives who are working stalkers start being stalked by the individual they are going after not because the stalker obsesses about them but because they are trying to gather as much information about that particular detective due to the fact that the detective is exerting power and control over their live and they do not like that. I have had two stalkers attempt to do that with me. Most of the time they tend to keep their distance because they know we can cause them grief and probably because we carry guns. Those in law enforcement that have stalkers that both harass them as well as their families can and do exhibit many of the same stressors  of any stalking victim. By the way, they don’t always get the immediate assistance with their cases that one might think. Once stalked, they gain a greater sympathy for anyone else that is or has been in the same position that they are currently in.

Due to the fact that stalkers are always trying to gather as much information about who is in their life, be they a victim or someone say in law enforcement that is interfering with what they are trying to do; we tell them not to give out information about themselves. We also advise them to remove any pictures of family, animals awards, etc. that could give anyone be they a stalker or not that they bring into their offices for any type of contact.


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