Sandra Bullock needs a break from stalking

Sandra Bullock seems to be a magnet for both male and female stalkers. We believe that she is one of those celebrities that even though, gorgeous, comes across as down home, compassionate,  and more accessible than most. Although, these are great qualities, it can and apparently does cause those few delusional stalkers out there to seemingly continually attach.  Back in 2007 when Ms. Bullock was still married to Jessie James and residing in Orange County Cal, I was in contact with the Orange County Sheriff’s Department concerning the arrest of a female stalker who used to lie down in Ms. Bullock’s driveway in an attempt to force Ms. Bullock to get out of her vehicle and make contact with her. This same stalker tried to run down James and was taken into custody by Orange County Sheriff’s Deputies. The stalker’s case was adjudicated at the West Orange County Superior Court in the City of Westminster. The stalker plead guilty and was placed on probation. When we contacted the the Sheriff’s Department, we stressed that they needed to do a background on the stalker as well as conduct a search warrant of her residence. We advised them to look for the following: (1) any logs, ledgers or writings that discussed anything having to do with Ms. Bullock. This would include any searches of computers or other digital materials. We advised them to look for a “shrine” (usually a series of photos or collection of magazine articles posted somewhere in the residence where the stalker could view them on a regular basis). We advised the Sheriff’s that this information would give them a better idea of why this particular stalker was going after Ms. Bullock, as well as give them a better idea of the stalker’s violence quotient concerning Ms. Bullock and her then husband. Questions needed to be answered such as; did the stalker feel they had some kind of relationship together; remember many celebrity stalkers including Ms. Bullock’s latest male stalker believe they have an intimate relationship or are even married to their celebrity target. Did the female stalker believe she was meant to be Sandra Bullock’s protector from whatever, including the fact that she may have felt that Ms. Bullock’s husband at that time was not who she should be with. The more information an investigator can gather on a stalker whether they be stalking a celebrity or someone else; the better are the chances of case managing the stalking scenario. In other words, what are the chances this stalker will re-offend with the same victim. Are there other victims that this particular stalker has, is or will be going after, etc.   We also expressed the fact that Ms. Bullock and her husband or any other family members should be given information concerning the stalking phenomenon. We attempt to do this with any and all of our victims. The more knowledge any stalking victim can obtain the better for them to get through the trauma of the event, or in the case of Ms. Bullock, the events.


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