Stalkers will harass family to get to their target.

Part of our stalking protocol is to either have the victim of stalking advise their family of the issues they are having with a stalker, or have them come to us for a family meeting so we can explain some basics concerning the stalking issue in order to get them up to speed concerning the stalking phenomenon and what they can expect concerning a stalker’s behavior towards them.

Why do we do this? Because all too often a stalker will contact, harass and stalk their primary stalking target’s family in order to gather information concerning their target; especially when they no longer are somehow prevented from having access to said target. We have also seen that stalkers will harass; follow, damage property, or even injure or at worse case scenario kill family members in order to cause fear or emotional stress to his or her primary stalking target.

We again recently saw this in the Spring Texas scenario where Ronald Lee Haskel dresses up as a delivery driver, enters the home of his estranged wife’s extended family, holds his wife’s sister’s children hostage until the sister and her husband arrive home. When they will not give up the whereabouts of Ronald’s estranged wife…his target…he executes the two adults and all but one of the young children. Once again, this clown had a series of restraining orders filed against him…by the way as we have indicated, restraining orders are only as good as the law enforcement community in which the order was filed. He had a record of domestic abuse, and violent assault. On one occasion he reportedly duct taped his mother to a chair and threatened to kill her, other family members as well as any law enforcement official that he encountered. She then filed another restraining order on him. Again, our response is perhaps if the law enforcement entity where the mother resided had a threat management detective or team, good old Ronald may well have showed up on the radar and been taken down before he traveled from California to Texas and slaughtered the members of that family. There was one newspaper report that advised that Ronald also had a mental disorder and had stopped taking his Meds. Once again, another mentally disordered perpetrator. 


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