Neighborhood stalking is difficult to manage

What the heck do you mean exactly by Neighborhood Stalking? Well, this is when the stalker lives in your neighborhood; oftentimes right next door. We are continually contacted by the victims of these types of stalkers who are at their wits end. Examples: We have one female victim who contacted us about her neighbor whose front door in a condo complex is Approx. 4 feet from hers. She advised that her fifty something female has mental issues. She continually threatens her, strikes her as well as has pushed her down the stairs breaking one of her arms. The victim said she has contacted local law enforcement numerous times, and they have failed to eliminate the problem. Example No. 2. We were contacted while giving a lecture at a University about a protracted stalking incident where the neighbor appeared to be fixated on his female neighbor. He would cut down their mutual hedges so he could view both her and her house 24/7. He was damage the paint on her car, harass her aged father to the point it was believed it exaserbated his demise, followed her on a regular basis, found out how much money she had in her checking accounts, as well as confronted any male that she appeared to be having a relationship with; whether it was for business or pleasure. The victim installed video cameras that recorded a good deal of this behavior including an incident where he assaulted her and fractured her arm. (By the way, for some reason local law enforcement did not arrest the neighbor for this assault.) After repeated crime reports being filed as well as a restraining order being issued, a magistrate ordered the stalker to move out of his home, which he later rented to relatives, thus allowing him (according to him) to come back to the house on a regular basis to supposedly check on the maintenance of the property. So the problems continued.

It was our evaluation that in both of these incidents, one that took place on the West Coast, and one that took place on the East Coast, that law enforcement was remiss in doing their job. The way you stop a neighborhood stalking is once it is clear who is in fact the culprit in the stalking; you arrest the stalker for every little violation of law that you can prove up and charge. You make sure the stalker either goes to prison or at the very least is placed on formal probation, thus if they violate their probation, they then go to state prison. If you believe you have a mentally disordered offender just like the one we described in the first example, you bring along mental health professionals that upon evaluation may be able to place that individual in a secure facility. If those mental health workers cannot, you go back to the first plan, and arrest the stalker as many times as necessary to eliminate the problem. In most jurisdictions, a magistrate cannot just indiscriminately have a homeowner removed from their residence, but they can keep them incarcerated for the crimes they commit, which in essence can amount to much the same thing. They just have a jailhouse address instead of a residential one.In SHORT, law enforcement cannot turn a blind eye to these types of stalking.


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