DV or Domestic Violence/Intimate Partner stalkers oftentimes blame their victims.

First of all, guys sorry I have not blogged in a few weeks, been busy on family projects in other states.

It has been my experience that stalkers spawned out of domestic violence/intimate partner relationships will many times blame all of their problems on their victims. We had one stalker send a tape recording of his conversation between an older woman that was reputed to be his “friend & confident.” In the recording, the stalker began talking about how frustrated he was, and the fact that she (the victim) had reported to the police that due to the intense emotional trauma and stress she was suffering at the hands of this stalker, it was causing her to have severe female problems as well as issues with her “ovaries.” The stalker (a male) went on to say she was at fault for causing issues to his “ovaries.” Apparently, this stalker had never done well in biology while in high school, or he would have known that men do not have ovaries. When I lecture, I oftentimes play this tape, which causes a great deal of snickering among the female attendees.

When we interview a domestic violence stalker we always give them a chance to tell their side of the story. Invariably, the stalker will place most if not all the blame at the feet of the victim. If she would not have stopped me from contacting her, I would have not had to hound/follow, or attempt contact in various other ways. If she had only seen my side of things, I would never have stalked her. I believe she did what she did to set me up so I would get arrested for stalking, and it goes on and on.


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