Private photos a tool used by stalkers

Fox news was recently talking about estranged spouses putting naked or other compromised photos on the Internet of their estranged partners. One of the things I discuss when I lecture is to think hard about allowing those that you are having an intimate relationship with to take shall I say compromising photos of you and even them together. I realize in the heat of passion, or when not thinking too straight these things can happen, but when one or more pops up on the Internet because of a stalking scenario, or just someone in a bad relationship looking for revenge, it will be too late. When I first started working stalkers back in the early 1990’s stalkers used to post these photos with the name of the target and his or her phone number on same in that target’s neighborhood, oftentimes on telephone polls or grocery store public posting boards. I had one stalker who had been an intimate partner with a firefighter, who sent nude photos of him to the elementary and high schools in the area where he was stationed. (That was a real problem. Would not have been that firefighter trying to explain that to his chief.)Now of course these things are finding their way into the Internet in a variety of ways. So if you have some of those kind of photos or videos, get rid of them, or put bury them in a place you are POSITIVE no one will find them. 


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