Stalking victims who are housed for protection need to have staff trained in the stalking phenomenon.


I am regularly contacted by people linking up with me on LinkedIn and elsewhere asking me questions like, I work in a woman’s shelter, or supply housing for battered women; what should I look for, or what should I Imageexpect when dealing with a woman that has been the victim of a stalker. Due to the fact that intimate partners that stalk their significant other can and usually are prone to violence these are good questions. Due to the fact that I get these questions regularly, and because I run across numerous queries when I teach victim advocates who are being trained to work with domestic violence victims, we decided to add information concerning this issue in Antidote For A Stalker. 

I will discuss some of the information we give out to those folks in this post. Due to the fact, that victim advocates go out of their way to assist broken and battered women and their children, they have a special place in our hearts. One of the factions that worked with us when we developed the FPU (Family Protection Unit) at our police department was an organization called WTLC (The Woman’s Transitional Living Center.) They were charged with making sure the stalking or battered woman had shelter. If we so deemed they walked the victim through the court process of obtaining a restraining order. Thus eliminating much of the stress of trying to do that by oneself. What we told these victim advocates and others we deal with is to always be on guard when dealing with a female that has been stalked. [There is an entire regiment of counseling that can and should be utilized for a stalking victim that unfortunately is not readily available, and we are not going to get into all that today.] The victim advocate needs to understand that stalkers are extremely devious and resourceful. They will attempt to search out their target’s whereabouts in order to make contact for a variety of reasons. This can and does put the advocate at risk from the stalker. He and sometimes she sees the advocate as a barrier between the target and him or her.  That being said, there are some tactics that can be utilized to deter this type of behavior. Again, that is why we wrote the book, so that people could research this information.   The photo in this post shows one of our Metro detectives bringing a stalking victim to one of our in house victim advocates who is in the process of filing out an application for a restraining order. 


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