Saudi Women pushing for stronger domestic violence legislation

On my website, I have an email that is designed for communication not only to law enforcement personnel, but to assist anyone who is struggling with stalking (which for the most part is domestic violence related). I do my best to reach out to those that contact me. Unfortunately, when I get requests from countries such as India, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and the like, most of the time I can only advise some steps that might assist the requester, or in some situations explain to them why their stalker is doing what he or she is doing. The reason being that in those countries; especially where sharia law is the mandate of that country; law enforcement let alone the court systems are not in the least bit close to being trained on how to deal with a stalking scenario. It is my belief that most governmental officials may not even believe it exists.

So when I read articles like the one in the May 17, 2014 Economist Magazine, Unshackling Themselves, p.45, it heartens me that the women’s movements in Saudi Arabia may finally be getting their governments to move in the right direction concerning the rights of their women. However, until it dramatically changes and people like me are allowed to enter into those countries to train their law enforcement and judicial communities concerning a variety of issues concerning domestic violence, not just stalking, I am afraid not much will be done to assist the oppressed in those jurisdictions.


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