OCD is one of the disorders we see in stalking scenarios

In our book  Antidote For A Stalkerwe have a specific section that deals with a variety of mental disorders that we commonly see in many of the stalkers we have and continue to deal with. Now does that mean that all stalkers express symptoms of a mental disorder, no, but many of the them do “suffer” from some type of mental malady. Again, and we will continue to stress, that is why anyone who is consulting on or working on a particular stalking case needs to have some knowledge of mental disorders; at the very least access to the consul of a mental health professional. 

Today we are going to discuss Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorders (OCPD). Most people do not realize that these are two distinctly diagnosed disorders. In regard to OCD, basically it is defined as patterns of behavior or (behaviour for those readers in the U.K.) that interfere with that individuals ability to normally function. (You can also find this disorders behavior classified under anxiety disorders.) You probably know this type of person, they must check to see that they have locked the door numerous times. They may have to wash their hands or clean surfaces excessively. They are overly concerned about problems at work, school, or in a home environment. Some pray continually, or mouth words or phases over and over again. Most of these behaviors are designed to try and reduce stress in their life. Persons with this disorder, for the most part know that it is them that is causing these frustrations and not some outside entity. They don’t like its manifestations. 

On the other hand, OCDP is defined in the Dictionary of Psychology, “as a persistent personality pattern characterized by extreme drive for perfection, an excessive orderliness, an inability to compromise, and an exaggerated sense of responsibility.”  Many of these individuals are into scheduling, following “certain” rules. They are highly inflexible with life tasks.  Many do not have many friends. Oftentimes cannot delegate power or projects. Many times it takes these individuals an incredible amount of time to finish anything. 

We have had stalkers with these disorders, write down everything they do during the day. Even to the point of exactly what they ate, where they got the food and what it cost. As detectives we love these guys because when we do search warrants we look for their logs and ledgers which contain information like how and when they stalked their target. We even had one write in his notes that he had researched the stalking penal code section and felt what he was doing fit the section and that I (Detective Proctor) would not be happy with what he was doing.  When they are arrested, they will drive their defense attorney’s nuts with incessant calls concerning their case and how they think it should be handled. 

Like we said that are numerous other disorders that stalkers can and do exhibit, throughout the course of this blog we will discuss more of them. 


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