Stalking behavior (behaviour) is universal no matter what country you live in.

Over the years, I have been asked by people via my website email, when lecturing, as well as during  radio and television interviews if stalking is the same in the United States as elsewhere in the world. My response is always the same. Stalking behavior, or behaviour if you are from the U.K., and parts of the E.U. is always the same no matter where you find it. The cultural mores and societal outlooks in some countries may change how stalking is perceived concerning when and if it is handled by law enforcement, but a stalker is a stalker no matter what. Again, like we lay out in the our latest book, there will be different types of stalkers; however, each classification of stalker will still exhibit the same behavioral patterns whether or not they hail from California or from South Africa; no matter their sex, race or ethnic background. That is why all the information I have compiled and lay out in Antidote For A Stalker will assist anyone in the world in better understanding the stalking phenomenon.


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