Maryland passes new law to help protect therapists from threatening clients

The state of Maryland’s MPA (Maryland’s Psychological Association) has put forth a bill that that will become law on June 1, 2014. HB641/SB803 commonly (known as Client Privilege) law will go into effect. It is our understanding, that prior to this law going into effect, if a therapist had a client that either verbally or physically threatened said therapist, they could not could not report those threats to authorities because it would violate their client privilege of confidentiality and “run the risk; of: a complaint being lodged with the Board of Examiners, a hearing, and/or possible sanctions for violating ethical codes and standards of practice.” We know this sounds hard to believe, but over the past few years we have been assisting therapists not only in Maryland but other states with clients turned stalkers that have be sued by their clients as well as brought before their state regulatory boards for just this type of activity. We should also note, that more and more health care providers are in fact being stalked by those that they treat. We discuss this further in the our newest book. Some of those that we have assisted have been not only threatened with violence, but in fact assaulted by their client turned stalker. We applaud this law and would like to see more like it.

If you would like more information on this bill go to General Assembly of Maryland and type in SB803,


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