Selena Gomez and stalking

Apparently, Ms. Gomez is not only the victim of fan envy, but is starting to become a flame that draws the stalking moth in her direction on more than one occasion. Her most recent encounter with an obsessed fan (reportedly a young male showing up at her new residence and secreting himself in an out building or her mansion) is not her first and unfortunately it will not be her last. Again, keep in mind that only about 9 or so percent of all stalking is celebrity or media based, but that due to the celebrity status of these victims/targets their cases are the most publicized. That being said; even though it appears that Ms. Gomez appeal to these individuals is quit strong, she does not seem to be enticing any of her fans in any fashion. This is a good thing. Media draw or not, she is in my book still a victim and should be treated as such.

I cannot be certain as to the type of stalker that Ms. Gomez has drawn to her at this juncture, but the mere fact he completely invaded not only her privacy but her living space would be a red flag to any threat assessment professional. Like all victims of stalking, Ms. Gomez is probably experiencing a great deal of frustration, fear, and concern. We wish her all the best.


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