Celebrity Stalking

Celebrity stalking represents about 9% or so of all stalking that transpires, but due to the fact that it involves celebrities, be they media personalities or say a politicians that are oftentimes represented in the press; they get the most attention. In some respects I find this helpful because it sheds light on the issue of stalking in general; even though the media attention at that moment is directed towards that particular media personality. Many celebrity stalkers are in fact delusional. For example, take the recent stalking of Taylor Swift. From the media accounts concerning the actions of her thirty plus year old male stalker; he would fall into the category of what we would call an erotomanic type stalker. In other words he believes that Taylor and him have some type of personal relationship. He may feel that she is in love with him, and are in fact going to be married. Some of these types of stalkers believe that their victims are in fact married to them and may even feel they have had children with together. Many feel that every time that particular personality is on television they are speaking directly to them. As with any type of stalking, each case and each stalker has to be evaluated on its own merits. Obviously, without being directly involved in Taylor or any other celebrity stalking case I cannot really speculate as to developing a threat assessment on the stalker. However, you can bet that the law enforcement entity that is tasked with investigating the case will do a thorough background on the stalker and develop such an assessment.


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