Cyber Stalking

I continually get consults concerning the growing problems concerning Cyber-stalking. Due to the nature of the Internet with its vast repositories of public and at times non-public information floating around, all of us can be at risk for this type of criminal manipulation. As I have said before, the Internet can be a wonderful place to spend time as well as a demon in disguise. In Chapter 3 of my latest book, A Stalker’s Bag of Tricks, we discuss the many ways a stalker can utilize a variety of tools and programs to ply his or her trade. When I teach, one of the things that I push is for any law enforcement entity to begin training, if they have not, and continue training if they have begun, at least one or two detectives/investigators in the ever unfolding art of digital forensic technology. About ten to fifteen years after personal computers began being absorbed by the public in growing numbers; it became extremely evident that law enforcement could no longer sit in the shadow of ignorance concerning computer forensics. Way too many cases need to be scrutinized by a forensic technician in order to both assist the detective on a cases investigation, or as in most case scenarios the actual successful prosecution of the case. Not too long ago, the FBI began filling the need with Regional Computer Forensic Laboratories (RCFL) located strategically around the United States. One can go on the net and look up the closets one to their jurisdiction. These labs are manned by both FBI agents as well as detectives from surrounding participating agencies on loan to these labs. These labs do an outstanding job in searching through any digital media presented to them for examination. They have the latest forensic programs and devices to handle same. If you are a victim of a homicide, identity theft, stalking, etc., your case can be worked by these very competent individuals. However, your case must be handled by a law enforcement entity. You can’t use these labs with a detective involved. Also these labs are usually not advertised as to specific site location and are very well secured.