Antidote For A Stalker acts as a guide for those I help.

Two days ago, I received an email request for help generated from the contact information on my website The person that contacted me was a man who lived with his wife somewhere in the United Kingdom. His wife, who was pregnant worked at a business open to the public…we don’t need to disclose the type of business. Over a period of time his wife began to see an adult male watching her for prolonged periods of time while she worked. On one occasion, the male approached her while she was in a cafe just outside her place of work on her lunch break. He then asked her out. The woman advised the man that she was not interested and was in fact married. The man’s response was that where he came from it made no difference whether the woman was married or not if asked she should still go out with him. The man’s wife then made it perfectly clear that she was not interested. After this incident, the man continued to follow and watch her. The couple contacted their local police and complained. They also notified her place of work’s security personnel. Local law enforcement advised them that unless the person who was stalking his wife made some type of overt act, they couldn’t do anything. Due to the fact that the man’s wife was experiencing a great deal of emotional distress due to the stalker’s continual surveillance at both her work and outside of same, the husband purchased a copy of my book, Antidote For A Stalker. He had just started to read the book and had a lot of questions; mostly what I thought he could do to assist them. Because he had a copy of the book, I was able to direct him to sections that would greatly assist him in his quest to get some relief from his wife’s stalker. I was not only able to answer his questions, but give him resources available in the book to help him complete his task. I wrote the book to assist those in need. It is extremely helpful when I can use it as a resource concerning a specific stalking. Thus in this case walking the victim and her husband through the pages of the book.


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