Campus Stalking/some of the reasons for its growth.

Now that we have discussed some information concerning campus stalking, we need to talk about why it is becoming more prevalent:

  1. Peer pressure: We found that many victims of stalking complained that one of the reasons they did not report the stalking to either school officials or the police was because some of their fellow students would advise them that it was only a crush or ask them “if they really wanted to cause the stalker trouble and get him or her expelled?”
  2. The I can handle this syndrome: Some didn’t report because they felt as did the well-meaning co-ed at Sam Houston University that they could re-direct or actually assist the stalker. Because they didn’t really understand the stalking phenomenon and were eventually traumatized by the stalker.
  3. Easy access to both information concerning the target of the Stalker: Many campus stalkers advise us that they obtained information on their targets via the school student data base, along with other social media.
  4. Easy access to the stalker’s target by being on the same campus:Due to the fact that the stalker is either in classroom’s with their target or has other means of easy access to their targets due to going to school on the same physical grounds as the victim; allows them a great deal of access to said targets.

I recently taught a one and half hour seminar on a large state campus. Not only were many of the attendees amazed at the number of those that are stalked not only in the United States or elsewhere, but that campus stalking was such a big problem.  The other thing I saw when contacting individual female students (when teaching at other campuses)  who were being stalked and had reported same to their campus law enforcement was that they told that what they were describing was not really stalking; when in fact it was. Again, training, training, training is imperative. Campus law enforcement must be trained, as well as the student body and school administrators.






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