Campus Stalking

Campus stalking is on the march throughout our various campuses not only in the United States but throughout the world. In 2000 The National College Women Sexual Victimization Study, (NCWSV) found:

  1. 80.3 % of victims knew or had seen their stalkers before
  2. 3 in 10 women reported being injured emotionally or psychologically during the stalking
  3. 15.3 of the incidents, the stalker threatened or attempted to harm the victim
  4. 10.3% of victims said the stalker either forced or attempted sexual contact
  5. about 83.1% of the stalking cases were not reported to campus police or local law enforcement
  6. about 93.4% told someone else about being stalked

In 2010 did a similar campus study entitled The UK Hidden Marks Report Survey of 2010. Go on the net to review their findings or see them in my book which discusses Campus stalking at length. Due to this study and others, Scotland’s National Union of Students (NUS) has started implementing anti-stalking policies on their college campuses and universities.

Since the 2000 U.S. study things are starting to get better, but very, very slowly. In 2009, I was one of the consultants in a Department of Justice Grant Study requested by the University of Southern California (USC)  concerning campus stalking and how to best handle the issues generated by stalking on our college campus. (Stalking Policy Advisory Committee/USC, Los Angeles College Consortium Project). The study came up with specific ways for both campus law enforcement and the university’s administrative staff to better sort out the stalking issue. (More information on this topic in the book.)

In November of 2012, at the end of a six state lecture tour, I had the opportunity to conduct two stalking seminars at Sam Houston State University in Texas. Unfortunately, a few years prior to my lecture, they had lost a very well-liked nursing student and cheer leader to a campus stalking scenario. This particular case was also profiled on an E-Hollywood special I was one of the consultants on. Many of the attendees of the lecture approached me after still expressing their grief and disbelief concerning the tragic murder of their friend and associate.  In one class that contained about 200 students; when I asked how many people had been the victims of stalking in the past about 40-50 of the students in the classroom raised their hands. Sam Houston University Article on Proctor teaching stalking

We are experiencing more and more campus stalking and bulling in our secondary schools as well. More on that when we get into a future post on juvenile stalking.


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