Germany’s Stalking Law

If you reside in Germany and are experiencing stalking, you need to review the German’s anti-stalking law that has just been on the books since 2007. Section 238 of their penal code reads as follows: “Whosoever unlawfully stalks a person by:

  1. seeking his proximity,
  2. trying to establish contact with him by means of telecommunication or other means of communication or through third persons,
  3. abusing his personal data for the purpose of ordering goods or services for him or causing third persons to make contact with him,
  4. threatening him or a person close to him with loss of life or limb, damage to health or deprivation of freedom, or
  5. committing similar acts, and thereby seriously infringes his lifestyle shall be liable to imprisonment of not more than three years or a fine.”

Some studies reflect that at least 12 percent of Germans have been the victim of stalking. We hope that victim organizations are getting the requisite training and assistance they need to continue to assist those that need it. I and my family have had the opportunity to travel in Germany on a few occasions and found the country to be very beautiful and those we have met to be warm and friendly. However, as we continue to stress, stalking can rear its ugly head in any community.


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