The U.K.’s new stalking amendment

The United Kingdom has somewhat covered stalking since 1997 via the Protection from Harassment Act. However, due to the increasing number of stalking cases (Approx. 1.9 million and growing)  within that country; new stalking legislation was needed. A March 2011 Home Office publication entitled, “Call to End Violence Against Women and Girls: Equality Impact Assessment, found that since the age of sixteen,  19 percent of women had experienced stalking. This study also indicated that since age sixteen, 9 percent of males had experienced some sort of stalking as well. First came Scotland’s new stalking law enacted in 2010. (We had the pleasure of assisting victim Ann Moulds with the development of the Scottish stalking law. Then  in 2012 came the amendment to section III Offences in relation to stalking (1) After section 2 of the Protection from Harassment Act of 1997. This new section greatly enhances the what is covered under stalking including all the penalties for same. (This is covered in Appendix E in Antidote For A Stalker.)

For those following my tweets, stalking is stalking. It makes no difference where it takes place. That is why what we wrote in the book covers stalking behavior in the United States, United Kingdom, or anywhere in the world. We continue to write books and blogs to help all victims of stalking, not just the ones in our specific country.

Therefore, if you are being stalked and don’t have a good stalking law, become an advocate, and push for better legislation. Make your voice heard.


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