Stalking cases take a lot of work


There are two 5 inch heavy-duty binders in this photo. The one on the left is the newest cold case homicide book my partner and I are working on. This includes information on the possible serial killer we are working on. We will have to go to another folder when we continue further into the bowels of the case. The binder on the right contains an investigative file with over 600 pages of information on just one of the stalkers we worked.

Stalking cases are not difficult to investigate; however, if done right, they take a great deal of work. Each one of our cases is set up like a book. It has a table of contents, known as a stalking chronology (refer to our book for examples) which lays out the case events in chronological order. This stalking chronology then allows us to easily write the entire crime report. Each one of the chronological references are tabbed. This would include search warrant information, photos, and machine copies of letters, cards, or other things left by the stalker. If there are phone recordings or emails they are also included. This entire book is then submitted to the district attorney for filing. This also helps the detective in charge when he or she goes to a judge to get a search and/or arrest warrant for the stalker. Oh, and guess what, when we follow our stalking protocol (also laid out in the new book), we get major convictions, most of the time without ever going to trial.


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