The Secret Web

We just want you to be aware of some of what is going on out there concerning strange things on the Net.  Apparently my kids were aware of all this unusual information, but then why wouldn’t they be. I am known as the computer dinosaur in our abode. Whenever there is a problem, I run for one of my still living with me adult children for help. They come into my office shaking their heads, take care of my problem with a few keystrokes. When I ask what they did to fix the issue I was having, they walk away muttering they don’t have time to explain to the elderly how to work a simple computer. Hummmmm.

Now back on topic. For those of you that don’t know this, there is a place on the Internet known as the Secret Web, or The Dark Web. Apparently, there are programs that you can purchase on the net that allow you access to this place that was reportedly developed by the U.S. Military to protect both them and law enforcement communications from being viewed. Unfortunately, it also has become the haven of drug dealers, pornographers, pedophiles, etc.  This is how it kind of works. Once you obtain this particular software, when you activate your computer searches or communications all your data including your searches get wrapped in layers upon layers of encryption. Some articles we have read on the type of things you can obtain on these sites, are weapons, drugs, porn, and one even indicated you might be able to go on a murder for hire site. Amazing. Of course, your local terrorist may be utilizing these sites. Not to mention a potential stalker. If you would like to read more on this topic; the November 11, 2013 issue of Time Magazine ran a story entitled The Secret Web, Where Drugs, Porn AND Murder Hide Online. Of course, we are sure you can also surf the normal web to find out more information on this topic.


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