Information on frequencies of POSTS

Dear followers, I will continue to POST at the moment not as frequently as I would like. Yes, we still want you to pick up a copy of Antidote For A Stalker located on Amazon to help keep you going and to formulate your questions about stalking;. The reason about the temporary slow down is  that both my partner and I, who finally retired after some 40 years on the job are currently embroiled in conducting research on a cold case that may involve a serial killer. For those of you that have not read The Duck and The DCO by Damion Kane, which is a book written about my partner of many years and my exploits and background as unusual homicide detectives besides being heavily involved with stalking, you would not know that because of our homicide/threat assessment background, we still work cold case homicides on a volunteer basis for the police department we came from which occasionally leads to cases that we gather information on for other police agencies as well. Since our retirement we have brought to fruition two cases and are currently working on others.  As indicated in my first blog, I am called the Duck by my friends and associates. I got that nickname because I was always running into trouble…a shooting, a murder, a robbery, etc, which in cop terminology, always meant getting into crap. We all know what crap does when it encounters a duck; it runs down its  back. Therefore, the nickname or moniker stuck. Due to the fact that I was always in some kind of crap, my partner got the nickname of the DCO, Damage Control Officer because he had to always explain what the heck I was doing. It really hasn’t changed much. I still seem to step into crap, and he still is explaining why I did.  I will continue to blog about stalking, but hopefully along the way I can keep you in the loop about some of the murder crap we are about to be stepping into. Have a great day.


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