Stalkers with Asperger’s Syndrome

For those of you that do not know what Asperger’s Syndrome is, it is oftentimes referred to as a one who has autism; however they can function at a fairly high level in society.  Asperger’s Syndrome which can be referred to as Asperger’s Disorder is known as a type of Pervasive Development Disorder (PDD). Some of the skill sets that oftentimes appear diminished are the ability to socialize with others, delayed or retarded communication skills, and some lack the ability to use their imagination.  Some of the signs of this condition exhibited initially in a subject’s youth are: Issues with social skills, Unusual or strange repetitive behaviors…swinging of hands, continually rubbing their fingers, etc., Daily Rituals that are difficult to break, such as standing in the same location to dress, or when dressing always doing it in the same order, Obsessions with a specific topic such as an intense interest in the weather, or sports, May seem clumsy or awkward, Many have skill sets that one would consider being very talented, such as good in music, or have very good computational skills.  

Now that we have some background in this condition can they become stalkers. In our opinion, the answer is yes. Why? The best way to explain this hypothesis is to give you some examples of actual cases that we have and are continuing to work with stalkers that have been diagnosed with this malady.  Recently, we were asked to review cases from a local law enforcement entity that the assigned detectives were having troubles with. A male in his early 20’s had been contacted on three separate occasions by detectives concerning the following and harassing of three separate females. Each one of the victims were attractive, worked out…in fact the stalker would try and initiate contact or begin a following pattern after he saw the victim(s) exit a local gym. We noticed a distinct progression in this individual’s stalking process. When the first victim was stalked, she saw the suspect hiding in the bushes taking photos of her. She then noticed him following her in a specific vehicle, and would see him in stores or restaurants that she frequented. During this first stalking, the suspect made no direct contact. When he was contacted at his home by detectives, his mother and sister whom he was living with, immediately went to his defense advising that he was shy, had very bad social skills and had Asperger’s Syndrome. The stalker said he would not follow that female anymore. However, a month or so later, he was again reportedly following another female, taking photos of her, but did attempt to make contact with her out in front of the gym. When she advised she was very uncomfortable with this contact, it did not phase him, and he continued to pursue her even to the point of showing up at her residence. He was again contacted by police and admonished. His mother told him that she would not allow him to drive her car anymore; even though he was currently enrolled in a local college.  Another month went by and once again he began following another female. He even followed this one twenty miles a day to her University. He would wait until she got out of class and begin following her once again. She was terrified because when he followed her his driving was extremely erratic, at times almost forcing people off the road, and tailgating her so badly she felt the would rear-end her at anytime. We advised the detectives in charge that we could see a serious escalation on his part. We knew that because of his social inadequacies he was becoming more and more frustrated with a lack of positive response from his targets. It appeared that he had reached an age where he was also experiencing a great deal of sexual arousal, and didn’t quite know what to do about it. (We suggested that the detectives once again contact this individual and ask him some specific questions. We would also suggest that they get a search warrant to see what if anything he was writing in his computer or a daily log. What websites he had been going on, etc.) When Detectives contacted him, he advised he was becoming more and more frustrated both socially and sexually. He was merely trying to have a relationship with his targets. He also advised that he knew that way he was going about it was wrong. With this information, I advised the Detectives to put all the cases together and submit same to the district attorney for a filing of stalking. Once arrested try and get him placed on formal probation; with the a condition of probation that he be evaluated by a mental health professional. We advised them that we strongly believed that he would not stop doing what he was doing, and more than likely would become more and more aggressive in his approach to these targets. It has been our experience, that just because a subject may have a diagnosisable mental disorder does not give them free reign to stalk. 

That is just one case. I recently had another case with an individual who contacted one of our associates advising that he was suffering from Asperger’s  Syndrome. He was seeking a relationship with a woman at his place of work, and had been notified by Human Resources  that what he was doing was considered stalking. He wanted to have our associate verify that his mannerisms would in fact be considered stalking. The associate wanted us to review the case. We did, and in our opinion he was exhibiting stalking behavior. This individual was beside himself. He also expressed that he had reached an age where he was also experiencing a great many sexual urges as well as a need to have female companionship, but was very frustrated because he lacked the social skills to be able to develop a relationship. At least this subject appeared more cautious about the behavior he was exhibiting. 

3 thoughts on “Stalkers with Asperger’s Syndrome

  1. I was friends with a guy who has aspergers, and our conversations were very dull. He was socially inep, he didnt express emotions very well and he was very tallented at computers. He was awkward and very werid, he would stand in one position and nevet move, his voice was monotone and he didnt understand social cues.
    Our friendship lasted a few months before i ended it because he just becane to frusrating to dea with (im not a patient person, and he was a very slow person) so i stopped talking to him. He then saterded texting me relentlesy saying that i am drfiting away and he wants to be close again. So i explained to him why our friendship wasnt working. Then he turned around and said “you just want to marry be but im not ready for marriage so you dont want me anymore”.

    And i was like WTF!!!! This guy was dellusional. He kept texting me asking to remain friends. Daily he would beg me and then he wrote a long text sayIing how much he loved me. I then replied saying “i am blocking your number”. Then he walked up to my sister one day and told her to make me unblock him number. I didnt.

    Then he texted me on his WORK phone and applogised for acting weird and beges for my forgivness and he still said that we will remain friends.

    So i replied saying “stop texting me or i am contacting the police” and i blocked his work phone.

    Unfortunatly we go to the same churxh so i HAVE to see him every sunday. And yesterday he cane up to me while i was talking to my friend and he stuck his arm in between us and wanted to shake my hand. I got so pissed off i wanted to knock him out…but instead i just walked off and completey ignored him.

    He is so frikken frustrating and i want him to LEAVE ME ALOONEEE!!!! what do i do?

    • Dora, sorry for the late reply, I have been involved in a few projects. After re-reading your comments, I would suggest that if you feel comfortable enough, you have a talk with a councilor at your church and see if they might be able to intervene. If it gets to the point where you can no longer stand the contacts, you may have to contact law enforcement. I realize that people with this condition are oftentimes awkward socially, but in my and others opinion that does not mean that an individual in your circumstances has to put up with this type of harassment. Proctor. (Now of course because I am late in getting out my response, you may have already taken care of this issue. Hopefully that is the case.) Proctor.

  2. The guy I got involved with is niw 40yrs old, married with two young kids. He has placed surveillance cameras in my home and hijacked my computer with a rootkit which allows him to control my appliances. I even think he has installed some type of White Noise app to raise my stress level and affect my cardio etc.

    I have asked him to stop yet he refuses. Ive notified both your chicago police and FBI yet he continues clicking onto my computer and control the sound levels on the compressor on my new refrigerator.

    Ive thought about speaking with his wife but in good consciousness, I feel it would hurt her. She hasnt wronged me and Ive never met her. She has two young kids and its not my desire to cause her any distress. She must know how he is as he stated she had him going to marriage counseling.

    I truly felt love for this man. A deep and real love topped off with genuine respect. After a couple of years of what I considered the strangest affair I’d ever been he pulled the plug by withholding sex and physical communication. I was heartbroken but was okay with it. I figured with time, I’d move on but that wasnt the case.

    At no time did I want him to leave his family. Im 14yrs older then him and I have grandchildren. I encouraged him to go home and be a happy, good husband and father. I was the ‘holiday’ only. This joker however had other plans in mind.

    He had full access to my home which gave him the opportunity to rig my home with spy cameras, instaling rootkit and other suspicious devises on my computer and Im convinced he has trackers on my car and Full access to my home surveillance caneras.

    He is a cyber expert and quite good at his job. I noticed early on also that I could never get a good read on his true personality. Honestly I thought he was the strong silent type but it was becoming obvious that as long as the dubjects were things of interest to him ie computer or real estate conversations, he had really nothing to contribute.

    It really hit the fan when he asked if I would let some loser buddy of his have sex with me. I exploded because it started to become clear he was in a completely diffetent relm.

    I believe someone is directing all his actions and have benefited from his deficiencies. I believe with my whole heart him and his buddies are setting women up. He has multiple side computer jobs. I further believe he recorded him and I having sex. He could be streaming me out right now as Im typing this.
    Its now out of control and he Knows Ive gone to the FBI. Ive told as many people as I know because I feel if not by him but by his loser friends, they may try to hurt me to shut me up.

    I need help or advise. In closing, I forgive him and his low life clan because I love God but this is crap and a horrible way in which no one should have to live. It feels as if Im being raped of my privacy. I no longer want my young granddaughters to spend nights over because Im sure he’s watching. I really dont want anyone in my house to use the bathroom again because I feel he is watching.

    He can use the Deminished capacity bull to justify all of this but Im quite sure he is doing this same thing to others and they simply havent figured any of the crazy out.

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