Numbers of stalkers

I recently taught a college seminar attended by about two hundred students. I always enjoy working with college kids for a variety of reasons. One of the things I always ask attendees how frequent do you think stalking is just in the United States alone. Some responded with three thousand a year, some said thirty thousand. When I pulled up the Power Point slide that showed them that the latest studies have reported at least three and half to five million separate reported stalking incidents a year, they were astounded. If you start to take in the U.K. which has about 1.8 million or so a year and who knows exactly how many in the European Union because many of the member countries in the E.U.  are becoming more and more engaged in the issue of stalking; thanks to a growing number of victim advocates, one in particular by the name of Ann Moulds. The actual numbers worldwide could easily add up to multiple millions each year. Make no mistake, wherever you have people you have the propensity for stalking. Untold women and a certain percentage of men are stalked in countries whose laws do not assist those that are being stalked. Especially countries where human rights are at best a joke. Unfortunately, I continually get requests on my website from those residing in these countries requesting my help. It is extremely difficult to suggest a course of action when the law enforcement entity in that particular country or region is not perceptive. In contrast, I also instruct and consult with a number of groups who deal with Domestic Violence/Intimate Partner issues, which include stalking. They are not surprised by the numbers, and like me feel these figures are actually fairly low.


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